Abstract Submission


Micro Symposia

01. Neutron sources, instrumentation, and applications
02. Synchrotron, instrumentation, time-resolved technique, and remote access
03. Advances in powder X-ray and neutron diffraction
04. Advances in small angle X-ray and neutron scattering
05. Electronic structure and bonding by X-ray diffraction and other techniques
06. Scattering studies of novel electronic and magnetic systems
07. Crystal engineering and supramolecular chemistry
08. Nano technology: structure, surface and interface
09. Science of inorganic materials
10. Science of organic materials
11. Dynamic aspects of molecular and solid state crystals
12. Crystallography of pharmaceuticals and natural products
13. Membrane proteins íV methods and structures
14. Proteins related to disease/drug discovery
15. Macromolecular assemblies: proteins and nucleic acids
16. New developments in structural genomics, crystallomics, and protein production
17. New developments in crystallographic computing and database
18. Cool structures in protein crystallography
19. Others (Please specify, if possible)

Abstract Format

Abstracts should provide only one page of A4 size concise summary of the content of your presentation. Abstracts accepted for presentation will be printed in the book of abstracts of the conference as submitted without further editing.

  • Abstract submission form : Microsoft Word ( .doc file)
  • Typewritten on A4 paper with margins set as below for all text, including titles, etc.


- Top : 2.5cm
- Bottom : 2.5cm
- Left : 2.5cm
- Right : 2.5cm

  • Font : Times New Roman, but Affiliation in Italic.
  • Space of 1.0 point between lines for all text.

íˇ Title

  • It should be aligned to the left over the main body.
  • Use Times New Roman of 14 point in bold.
  • The initial letter of each word in title should be written in capital.

íˇ Author

  • Author names should be in 12 point with a single line below the title.
  • The name of authors must be typed in the order of first name and last name, e.g., Gil-Dong Hong.
  • The presenting authoríŽs name should be underlined.
  • Author(s) of each abstract cannot be more than 10 persons.

íˇ Author Affiliation

  • Author affiliations (only the name of department, institution, city and country) should commence with a single line below the author.
  • Use Italic of 11 point.
  • Authors from different institutions should be identified by superscript numeral indexes at the end of that authoríŽs name. (Please refer to the abstract sample.)

íˇ Body of Abstract

  • The body of the text should commence 1 line below the last affiliation.
  • Each abstract should be in English typed in 12 point.
  • The use of standard abbreviations is acceptable. Other abbreviations should be placed in parenthesis    after the first appearance of the full word for which it stands.
  • Omit references.

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Abstract submission Deadline :

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If you have any question of abstract submission, please contact the asca2007 secretariat.

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