Info for Authors/Presenters


Oral Presentations:

Please link here for detailed Oral Program.

A set of notebook PC and LCD projector will be ready in each hall/room. Each room has AsCA staffs in blue uniform. All presenters are kindly requested to come to the speaker ready room 30 minutes prior to your session and please hand your file or notebook to our site staffs.

What do Oral Codes stand for?

For example, O1A05-M1


is initial of Oral.


is Session number from 1 to 6.


indicate the room.
A: Convention Hall, B: Conference Room, C: Room 103


means the presentation date.


indicate the time.
M: Morning, A: Afternoon


is the presentation sequence.

Poster Presentations:

Please link here for detailed Poster Program.

Poster presentations are held in the corridors on the 2F to 4F in the Howard International House from 13:30 on Nov. 5 to 15:30 on Nov. 6.
All posters are scheduled to be displayed for 2 days.
Authors are kindly requested to set up posters between 10:30 and 13:30 on Nov. 5 and to remove them between 15:30 and 17:00 on Nov. 6.

What do Poster Codes stand for?

For example, P05-116


is initial of Poster.


indicates that the author of poster should have to present in person on November 5 from 13:30~15:30


the serial number of poster, which you can easily find your display board by following the number.


Poster Board Size: 95cm(Width)X120cm(Height)

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